Anatomy of the Heart and Its Functions

By learning about anatomy of the heart, we can know more about our body and its system. The heart is an important part of our body and should always get the regular care. By keeping healthy lifestyle, we can have a healthy heart. So, here we are going to know some basic knowledge about it.

Anatomy of the Heart: System and Functions

From anatomy of the heart, we know that it is not too big. At least, it has a volume of approximately 300 grams. As the blood pumping, it only has the size of a fist like us. It is composed of the heart muscle (myocardium). On the outside, it is lined by the lining of the heart (pericardium). The pericardium consists of two layers. The outer layer or lamina peristalsis, and the inner layer is attached to the heart wall is called visceral lamina.

From heart anatomy, we also know that it consists of 4 rooms; atrial dexter (right atrium), Atrial sinister (left atrium), ventricular dexter (right ventricle) and ventricular sinister (the left ventricle. Left and right heart parts are separated by a septum (septum) in the form of solid muscle. Heart continuously pumps blood throughout the body. The heart pumps blood to the contract so the heart can inflate and deflate. This raises the throbbing heart contractions which can be felt in the arteries in some places. Blood flow in the heart always works nonstop and can be affected by various conditions, such as daily habits. There are many suggestions that must be followed in order to improve heart health, such as diet and how we can train the physical habits.

Those are some things that we know of anatomy. Meanwhile, if you are interested in a lot of things about the heart, you can learn the specifics about heart anatomy.

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