Human Body Quadrants Diagram

The study of human body called anatomy, which is terminologically it is define as the science of studying the human body structure. Human body is very complex, thus anatomist and scientist who study a human body organized human body part into several categories, depend on its function that resulting into several human body systems, human body cavity, human body quadrants and regions. Those classifications are existed in order to simplify the medical person to study the human body.

The body quadrants and regions organs are the term that commonly used in medical field, which is divides into four quadrants for the abdominal area and nine abdominal regions. the four quadrant of the stomach are named based on its location, the right part and the left part, then the upper part and the lower part, resulting the right upper quadrant (RUQ), the left upper quadrant (LUQ), the right lower quadrant (RLQ), and the left lower quadrant (LLQ). Depend on the location, the abdominal organs also divided into those quadrants.

Body Cavity, Body quadrants and Quadrants

The body cavity refers to the spaces that present on the human body that help to protect and support organs. There are two major body cavities, the dorsal cavity and the ventral cavity. The dorsal cavity is located on the posterior body, and the ventral cavity that exist on the front body.

The body quadrants usually refer to the abdominal quadrants and regions. The Abdominal part consist of four quadrant that mention above and nine regions. These regions and quadrants help doctor, medical student, and medical personnel in general to do certain examination on abdominal area. For example, the medical personnel such as the X-Ray technician need to understand these quadrants to locate organs and vital structure before examination. The nine regions method as well as four body quadrants is very important to make the study of anatomy not daunting.

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