Breast Anatomy and Its Functions

To know more about breast anatomy, we should learn about the body system as a whole structure. But it would be very complicated, whereas we can study it simpler. The breast is composed of fat and connective tissue, besides there are lobes, lobules, ducts, and lymph nodes in it. Lobe is the part of the breast that produces milk. Each lobe consists of several lobules. Breast also contains blood vessels, lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Together with the arterial blood vessels and capillaries, blood contains oxygen and nutrients flow in breast tissue.

Breast Anatomy, Structure and Tissues

From anatomy of the breast, we can see that breast weight is supported and formed by connective tissue and ligaments while the fat in the breast will determine its size. Nerves contained therein function gives the sensation in the breast. Also, breasts do not have muscle tissue. To separate the breast with ribs, there is a separate muscle which is right at the bottom of breast. Breast always develop in puberty, and these conditions do not change throughout life. Just like brain anatomy and function it also growing by times. Starting from pregnancy, the breasts undergo significant changes due to stimulation of the hormone estrogen. It would seem to increase the size, and color of the areola around nipples becomes darker.

Although each woman’s breasts are different, the amount of the milk-producing tissue is almost the same. So, regardless of physical size smaller or larger, the quantity of milk produced by each mother breastfeeding remains the same. Breast health condition is one that must be considered. One of the risks in the breast is likely to have an infection of the tissues, especially during lactation called mastitis. In addition to watch is the appearance of a lump or mass in the breast, which can be classified as cancerous or not. So, learn more about it by knowing breast anatomy.

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