Endocrine System Diagram: Explore the Anatomy of the Endocrine System

Most people may not too understand about the term endocrine system if they are not participating in the medical things. Basically, the endocrine system will include all the glands in the body and of course all the hormones produced by these glands. These glands then are controlled by chemical receptors in the blood as well as the direct stimulation from the nervous system. There are some regulations for the action of those hormones including for reproduction process, cellular metabolism, sexual development, heart rate, digestion, as well as sugar and mineral homeostasis. All these processes can be seen through the endocrine system diagram.

Endocrine System Diagram Overview

Furthermore, the anatomy of the endocrine system consists of several vital organs such as hypothalamus (a part of the brain for serving many different functions in the nervous system), the glands (including pituitary gland, pineal gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, and adrenal gland), pancreas, gonads (ovaries in female anatomy and testes in male anatomy), and any other hormone producing organs like heart, kidney, and digestive system. Actually, the endocrine system chart works alongside of the nervous system to form and control all systems in the body.

In the endocrine system, we have known about the hormones which are produced by the glands. However, there are also some hormones which are produced by the endocrine system and they are widely classified as the tropic hormones. This kind of hormone will be able to trigger the release of another hormone in another gland. So, this tropic hormone can control the hormone production throughout the body. For more details how the hormone properties and hormonal regulation works, it can be clearly seen through the diagram of the endocrine system. In this diagram, you can simply see each location of the major endocrine glands.

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