Female Abdomen Anatomy: A Short Introduction

The human anatomy is quite complicated because it consists of many different vital organs from heart and lungs to liver and appendix. There are numerous studies about human anatomy to make it much simpler to be understood by most people around the world. Of course, male and female have some different characteristics on their body anatomy. Basically, the abdomen is located in the region below the chest and above the pelvis. And female abdomen anatomy is more complicated than male although it has the same function to protect some vital organs underneath.

Female Abdomen Anatomy: What are the Organs inside the Pelvis?

For more additional information, the normal anatomy of the female abdomen as well as pelvis include some vital internal organs like large bowel, small intestine, umbilicus, fallopian tube, ovary, bladder, and uterus. Also, for more details, there are psoas muscle, common iliac vessels, ovarian vessels, pelvic ligaments, ureter, femoral branch of genitor-femoral nerve, genital branch of genitor-femoral nerve, left kidney, left pelvis, and posterior abdominal wall. Of course, each of those organs has its own function, but they will simply work together as a team. It means that if there is something wrong with certain organ, it may give bad effects to the other organs.

female abdomen anatomy

In fact, all those vital organs which have been explained above are considered to be a front view of anatomy female abdomen and pelvis. Initially, there are some female body anatomies which cannot be found in male body anatomy. They are including endometrium, fallopian tube, ovary, uterus, cervix, vagina, and vulva. Uterus is widely known as one of the most important organs in female anatomy as it is also called the womb which is located between the bladder and the rectum. For more, ovary as reproductive organ and fallopian tube to carry the eggs from ovary to the uterus are also very essential organ.

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