Female Anatomy Diagram for Learning Female Reproductive System

On the medical field, the female anatomy diagram is more likely referred to the female reproductive system. The female reproductive system is designed to carry out specific function. It produces the female egg cells which are necessary for reproduction called the ova. This system is also designed to transport the ova to the place for fertilization. The fertilization normally occurs in fallopian tubes. After fertilization, the fertilized egg should be implanted on the wall of uterus, which is also known as the beginning of the pregnancy. If the fertilization does not occur, or the implant is failed, the reproductive system is designed to menstruate, that normally occurs every month for adult women. This system also produces female sex hormones, which maintain the reproductive system and its cycle.

Female Anatomy Diagram: The External Part of Female Reproductive System

The female human body diagram creates in order to simplify the study of the system for medical doctor and medical personnel. Based on this diagram, the female reproductive system is divided into external and internal part.

Based on the female reproductive anatomy diagram, the external part has two main functions, to enable the sperm enter the system and protect the internal part from infectious organism. The external part includes labia majora, labia minora, bartholin’s glands and clitoris. Literally, the labia majora translate as the large lips. As the part of the external reproductive system, its major function is protecting the internal reproductive organs. Labia minora literally means the small lips; it is located inside the labia majora and surrounds the vagina. The BArtholin’s glands are located inside the vaginal opening and they produce a mucus secretion. Clitoris is located in the middle of labia minora, or it also known as the part where the two labia minoras meet. The clitoris is very sensitive. On the Female reproductive system, the clitoris is comparable to male reproductive system.

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