Foot Anatomy Pictures to Simplify the Complexity of Foot Structure

Foot is the lowermost part of the human leg, it is the part of the human body normally used to stand and walk. It has a very complex anatomy structure, which consists of up to 26 bones and 33 joints. Those bones and joints should work all together with about 19 muscles and 107 ligaments in order to execute movement. On the same times, the foot must be strong enough to support more than 100.000 pounds pressure for every mile of walk. Even very small change in foot would be able to change the entire foot structure, its working process and it will cause pain in every step. In order to understand the foot structure easily, anatomist makes foot anatomy pictures. These pictures exist to simplify the study of foot structure. In addition, the systematic picture will make the medical personal easily identify the location of the pain source, when there is a certain medical condition regarding the foot.

The example of foot anatomy pictures can be seen on the picture above. This picture shows how complex the foot structure is. The foot’s shape and structure along with the natural body balance keeps the system in balance and make human capable of walking, running, climbing and doing countless activities which need a body movement.

The Bones of the Foot on Foot Anatomy Pictures

On the foot anatomy pictures the bone of the foot are organized into rows, which are called tarsal bones, metatarsal bones and phalanges. These bones make up the toes and the broad section of the feet. Besides those bones, the leg anatomy pictures also show the other bones that create ankle, including tibia, fibula, talus, cuneiforms, cuboid and navicular. Those bones are known to be the bones that are made up the ankle and take a big role on connecting bone.

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