Human Heart Pictures: Learning the Location and Function of Heart

From human heart pictures, we can learn a lot of things related to our body and health. Obviously, it would be easier if we observe from the pictures, so that we can know the location and function. Generally, it is located on the left side of our chest cavity. However there is an abnormality when the heart is located on the right. It is a condition known as dextrocardia. Also, this is a condition that is assessed as congenital abnormalities or congenital abnormalities.

Basic Human Heart Pictures

So, you already check some human heart pictures, and knowing that there are many complicated parts. Don’t worry, because we just want to take some basic human body facts about it. If you want to know about the size of your heart, you can clench your hands. Yes. It is the size of your heart. Usually, it has a volume of approximately 300 grams. Therefore, every human being has a different heart sizes. Humans need blood flowing throughout the body, because it is very important in life. The heart is the organ that pumps blood so that blood can flow throughout the body via blood vessels. So when blood circulation is disrupted, it can cause a person to suffer from heart disease. The heart also has four valves that function to determine the direction of blood flow. They are tricuspid, mitral, pulmic, and also the aortic valve. Each of these valves has different functions, and also has different closed and open time.

Once you understand each function of the valve, you will realize that a healthy heart is a very valuable thing. It is equally important when you have to maintain the health of your entire body. Well, that’s some fundamental things we can know about it, and you can check more from human heart facts.

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