Human Kidney Functions: Brief Explanation

Actually, kidney is regarded to be a pair of internal organs which are located on the back of the abdomen. Just like any other parts of the human body, kidney also has a very vital role inside the whole human anatomy system. Every human have two kidneys: right kidney and left kidney. Although it is still possible for the human to live with one kidney, but it is important that you need to take a good care of your kidneys. The main function of the human kidney is to filter the blood, remove the wastes, control the body’s fluid balance, as well as regulating the balance of the electrolytes.

Human Kidney Functions

During a day, all the blood in our body will pass the kidney several times to be clearly filtered. The process of blood filtration then results in creating urine which collects in the kidneys’ pelvis. For more details, each kidney consists of more than a million units which later called as nephrons. Furthermore, it is also possible to lose up to 90% of the kidney function without suffering from any problems or symptoms. As the kidney will also filter out the toxins, excess salts and urea, healthy kidney can also means healthy human stomach.

human kidney

For the metabolism system, any foods that we have eaten can either increase the acid in the body or neutralize it. The healthy kidney will keep a healthy balance of these chemicals inside our body. For more information, such acute kidney failure will be very fatal to our body and can affect almost all of our body immune systems. In this stage, the kidney can suddenly loose its ability to function properly. That is why; it is truly essential to always keep the human kidney to be in a great condition.

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