Human Liver: Why Is It Important to Take Care of It

When it comes to talk about the whole human anatomy systems and organs, everyone should know that each of the internal organs has their own functions which plays vital role for the healthiness of the whole body systems. Even though they have their own functions, but they need to work together as a solid team to ensure that everything related to the body systems goes on its way. One necessary internal organ inside the human body systems is the human liver. Practically, liver has known as the largest glandular organ which weighs for about 1.36kg.

Human Liver: As Body’s Detoxification and Storage for Vitamins and Minerals

This reddish brown organ has four main lobes with unequal shape and size. In fact, the blood has carried to liver through 2 vessels called portal vein and hepatic artery. If the portal vein takes blood which contains digested food, the hepatic artery takes oxygen-rich blood from aorta. Just like any other parts of the body like human eye anatomy, it is very essential to take a great care of liver as it has several major vital functions to the body.

A liver will produce the urea, bile, and the substances that can break down the fats. A human liver can also convert the glucose to glycogen, make some amino acids, store the vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin A, D, B12), help to destroy old blood cells, and detoxifies any harmful substances from the blood. These harmful substances are not only just the toxins which are not used, but also some dangerous chemicals like drugs and alcohols. Since the medications have negatively affected the liver disease, it is truly necessary to keep your liver healthy and good.

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