Human Muscle Anatomy: System and Its Function

The muscle or muscular system in the human body is responsible for the body’s movement. It is typically attached to the bones of the skeleton. The amount of the muscles that is attached to the skeletal system that has been address is about 700 muscles. The interesting fact from muscular system is that, it makes about a half of human body weight. Muscle tissue is also found inside most of human body organs, such as heart, digestive organs, and etc. The human muscle anatomy is the science that concerns on the structure of human body muscular system. The human muscle anatomy pictures will help the medical person to simplify the learning process of this system.

The existence of the human muscle anatomy becomes essential, especially for identification and locates the medical problem that may be caused by the muscular system. The health problem relates to the muscular problem, such as muscle pain, bruising, sprains or strains, cramping, myopathy, parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, multiple scelorisis, fibromyalgia, and so on.

Human Muscle Anatomy and Function

The common function of muscular tissue is for movement. The muscles are the only tissues on the human body that are able to contract. This ability makes the human body parts able to move. Still relating to the movement function of muscle, the muscular system is also responsible for the body position and body posture. Muscle is often contract in order to maintain the body on the certain position. Another function is related to the organs inside the human body. A certain type of muscle like visceral and cardiac muscles act to transport substances, such as food or blood, from one part to another in the body. The last function of the muscle is maintaining or generating the body heat as the result of high metabolic rates when the muscles are contracting.

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Body Muscle Anatomy Human Muscle Anatomy: System And Its Function | My School Lights

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