Human Respiratory System Facts

Our bodies are our future infestation, that’s why it is truly essential that we need to take care of our bodies very carefully. If there is something wrong with one of our internal organs, it will effect directly or not to the other parts of the internal organs. Every cell of the body is always getting streams of oxygen in order to live. And it is the job of the human respiratory system to provide oxygen to cells during the removal of carbon dioxide. As a matter of fact, there are three parts of this system including the muscles, lungs, and airway for the respiration process.

Human Respiratory System and Its Parts

Actually, the airway part will include the mouth, nose, pharynx, trachea, larynx, bronchi, and then bronchioles. The main function of the airway is to carry the air between the body’s external part and lungs. And the functional unit of the system is the lungs which help to pass the oxygen into body and move the carbon dioxide out. Then, there are respiratory muscles which include diaphragm as well as intercostals muscles. These two muscles of the human cells work to push and pump the air in then out of lungs while breathing.

All the process occurs in the respiratory system will determine they way our bodies get enough air to keep every single cell alive or not. In fact, the human respiratory system will use both of the negative pressure system and the contraction of the muscles to achieve pulmonary ventilation. This negative pressure system will involve the establishment of the negative pressure gradient so that it will result in getting the air passively filling the lungs at rest. Inhale and exhale process involve the contraction in the diaphragm.

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