Human Torso Model: Learning the Basic Knowledge

Learning from human torso model, we can get a lot of things. Maybe you have never known it from the subject is in school. But you realize that it is not for anything serious. Now, it is time for a little recall about the basics because we can get a lot of knowledge about human health.

Basic Human Torso Model

So, what is exactly human torso model? It is a model of the human form of sculpture that comes with the component organs of the human body, both form and location. Also, there is more understanding that says that this is a model of the complete arrangement of multiple objects, or at least an important part of that object. That will give the best to the students’ observation about the location and size of actual organs.

There is a general division of the human body, as we describe as follows:

  • Head: hair, forehead, eyeball, face, eyebrow, ear, eyelid, eyelash, nose, nostril, dimple, cheek, chin, mouth, etc.
  • Upper Body: neck, adam’s apple, shoulder, throat, chest, stomach, belly button, back, nipple, breast, rib.
  • Lower Body: waist, hip, ass, genitals, penis, vagina, anus, testicles.
  • Hand: armpit, upperarm, elbow, palm, thumb, fore finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, nails, wrist.
  • Leg: thigh, knee, calf, angkle, sole, instep, heel, toes.
  • Internal Organs: brain, flesh, bone, muscle, gut, heart, lungs, gastric, kidney, liver, pancreas.

Surely, there are more details of each section mentioned above. For example is the breast anatomy of the women’s chest. However, you only need to know some basics of the human body, as well as the function of each organ. To recognize and understand more deeply, you must learn seriously in the academic field. That is the model of the torso of the human body and how we define each section. Furthermore, you can continue with other discussions about human torso model.

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