Iliac Crest: its Main Functions to Our Body

Do you know about iliac crest? It is the important skeletal landmarks of our body, as a part of separation between pelvis and abdomen, which is used by doctors to find vertebra L4. Actually, we can have easily felt from the outside. But it would be too confusing for the average person. In addition, experts utilize it as a bone marrow transplant and bone grafting.

Iliac Crest Function

Well, iliac crest is started as anterior, superior spine with the pointy bones. From the spine, the iliac crest goes to the edge of iliac crest muscles as a flat magnification. It is the part of the ilium, which forms the hip bone. Located on the edge of the lateral and superior ilium, and close to skin surface at the hip. When you place a hand on your hip, it is called as the skin over iliac crest. Iliac crest will be narrowed at posterior ilimum, and finally puts an end to the process of another bone. In our body, there are many muscle parts which are interconnected. In the trunk thighs, we also see there are different muscles that are attached to iliac crest. Anterior superior spine, fasciae latae muscle and thigh sartorius also have their own origins. Along the anterior edge, there are many abdominal abdominis muscles arise, the external and internal oblique muscles. They form latissiumus dorsi muscle with many origins. By identifying each piece of bone and muscle, the doctors can find symptoms or certain irregularities.

Some of the symptoms may be known from the outside, although they can not be used as an initial conclusion. Therefore, you need to consult if there is a specific complaint in that section. So, that is what we can know about the iliac crest.

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