Male Anatomy: Learn More About It!

If you curious about male anatomy, you can learn from many sources. Basically, there are many similarities, except the chest, genitals, and hormone. Obviously, bone frame structure is also different as we can observe and compare. However, the most significant is when we study the anatomy of man, particularly for reproduction. This is where we will learn a little about it.

Male Anatomy Reproduction

This is the important part of male anatomy. There are several important parts you should know as following:

  • Testis
    Every man has two testes which serves to produce sperm and testosterone. The length is about 4 to 5 cm, while a diameter of about 2.5 cm. Each testis contained in each scrotum and connected to the stomach with sperm ducts.
  • Scrotum
    The scrotum is an organ consisting of skin and muscle function to protect each testicle. It is formed from two pockets adjacent to the testes, and being in it. Muscle cartilage that forms the scrotum useful for organizing the distance between the testes and body.
  • Epididymis
    The epididymis is a storage area of the sperm found in the superior and posterior part in the testes. Production occurs in the testes, and will be transferred to the epididymis, when sperm grown before finally released through male sexual organ.

As you see on male anatomy reference, you can know more detailed forms and some functions which interlinked. But the most important thing is how health must take precedence, especially from the cleanliness factor. By maintaining cleanliness, a man will not face the problem and the risk of disease. Moreover, it is easy, although often overlooked by many people. To learn it, it would be very easy for men to recognize their bodies. Learn to always understand every shape and function of the organ, as you’ll find on the picture of male anatomy.

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Anatomy of the male reproductive system

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Anatomy Of Male Urogenital System Human Male And Female Reproductive System System Inner Body

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