Nose Diagram Anatomy: Learn More About It

Since hundreds of years ago, healthiness has become most people’s attention as there is nothing can buy healthiness as well as happiness. That is why; healthiness and happiness are sometimes coming together as a solid team. The extreme or periodically weather’s change will often lead people to suffer from flu, sniffles, cough, cold, fever, and sometimes followed by phlogiston symptom. Flu is regarded to be the most often illness which is suffered due to the weather’s change and it is often come and go easily. Having the symptoms of sniffles and cough can be very annoying so that people tend to get more concern with nose diagram.

Nose Diagram to Learn the Anatomy of Human Nose

This typical diagram that presenting the nose anatomy can be a very great way to know, learn, and understand more about what’s inside the human nose. For more information, the physiologic of the human nose has several vital functions such as human will inhale the air through the nose and the air will be humidified and warmed by passing over the moist nasal mucosa. These warming and humidification functions will require a tremendous blood flow to the mucosa fully. This is the reason on why nose is also called as a nasal cycle as being said in the diagram of the human nose.

In addition, this organ of smell works with the olfactory system. In simpler term, this system can be called as a series of nerve endings which are located in the nasal passage. This olfactory system allows people to inhale the air and to pick up the scents. This is the logic reason on why people with flu or cold cannot smell things really well because their nasal passage is being blocked by the sniffles. Through the human body diagram, it is known that the nose has connected to the throat and the mouth by a ring like muscular tube. It is the passageway for the air, liquid, and food.

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