Organ Map: a Guideline to the Human Anatomy System

The organ map is absolute information that should be mastered well for medical doctor, especially the doctor to be or medical student. It is very important to explore the human body anatomy. Besides the human body anatomy pictures, it’s also consist of descriptions of more than thousands objects in the human body. The human body diagram will help you to explore and discover the human body anatomy in precise way. One of the simple pictures that show the body organ map can be seen on the picture below.

Organ Map Main Part

As the human body consists of very complex structure, in order to simplify the information on the internal organs map, the human anatomy system usually divided into several parts based on the system function. Those systems included: Skeletal system, cardiovascular system, muscular system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system for male and female and intergumentary system.

The system that mentioned below consists of several organs, which is related each other. The anatomy of human body that divided into the system usually used to understand its function and understood the disease that troubled the system.

Sometimes, the human body also divided into each area, which is called the area of human body. Certain areas of the human body have special names. It is worth to know for common people and it is information that medical doctor should have known. It is very important to identify particular symptoms, for the patient it is better to know to locate the area where the symptom of your health problem appears. These areas include divided into the front part and the back part. the front part included the chest, abdomen, loin, hip, thigh, knee, foot, elbow and wrist. The back part included the shoulder, neck, upper back, lower back, loin, leg, calf and ankle.

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