Petechiae: Things to Consider

As a matter of fact, the term petechiae might be a little strange for most of the common people all around the world. Actually, this term (singular petechia) is still being related to the medical terms. It is generally known as a typical small red or even purple spots on skin which is mostly resulted by a small bleed (which comes from broken capillary vessels). This spot in the skin is basically very small, for about 1 – 2 mm, but if it does not take a good care, it can spread out like a group of small spots on the skin. Of course, the appearance of this red skin spot will be very annoying and can drastically decrease your level of confidence.

Petechiae: Definition, Causes, and Dangerous Signs

In fact, there is more than one descriptive type of bleeding into the skin and one of them is this petechia. Most medical professionals will often use this term in a plural form because a single lesion is seldom being noticed. Furthermore, the common cause for suffering from this petechia is because of the physical trauma like vomiting, had coughing, and holding breath. This kind of facial petechia is usually occurring in the area of eyes and it is harmless and can be disappeared in a few days. There is numerous different petechiae definition out there, but one thing for sure is that it is less than 3 mm in size.

Petechia can also be caused by side effects of medications or skin infections. Thus, once you consider that there is inflammation on the skin, you will need to take more serious care and it will require immediate treatment in order to prevent any permanent damage to the skin. And the children will need more intense medical treatment since petechiae in children leads them into more serious illness such as thrombocytopenia, meningococcemia, and leukemia. These illnesses can cause fatal damage and death within hours and weeks of infections. So, their presence must not be overlooked.


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