Quadrants of Abdomen and Organs

Since thousands of years ago, healthiness has become an important topic among people all over the world because there is nothing which can buy healthiness. If you are learning more about the internal organs of the human body, there will be plenty of things that need to be known and understood more. The internal organs of the human body are really complicated and it might beyond anyone’s vision. For instance, we know about quadrants of abdomen in the human body which can basically divided into four main categories: right upper and right lower quadrant as well as left upper and left lower quadrant.

Quadrants of Abdomen to Know More About the Ailments in the Abdomen

Overall, when we are looking the abdomen through the front side, there will be nine different regions by imaginary planes: two verticals and two horizontals. All these quadrants of abdomen and organs form the abdominal surface anatomy. The vertical planes will follow a line joining from mid clavicle point to the mid inguinal point. Meanwhile, the horizontal planes will draw between palpable bony points. Moreover, those nine regions will be truly important to examine and describe the pathologies related to the human abdomen.

As a matter of fact, the human abdomen is a kind of essential area of study for the doctors in order to help them in assessing the pain and illness of their patients. These abdomen quadrants will be very useful to determine the specific ailments and for the clinical importance. For the details, the human abdomen has three basic layers: the skin, superficial fascia, and the muscle. By studying more about it, the doctors can be more expert in examining all complaints from the patients. For instance, if there is a problem with gall bladder, there should be something wrong with the right abdomen in the body.

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