Shoulder Muscles Diagram for Showing Bones, Joints, and Tendons

It is generally known by people all around the world that human body anatomy and human body system are truly complicated to be explained to. There are too many things that need to be explained and it is not only about each part of the human anatomy system, but it is also more about the function of each organ and how each organ and the system works together as a team to make sure that everything goes well. And the same thing also happens once you are looking at human shoulder muscles diagram. You must be ready about all these complication.

Three Major Parts in Shoulder Muscles Diagram

In fact, the shoulder is likely to be a complex combination of joints and bones where there are numerous muscles involve providing the widest range of motion in any part of the body. All these numerous muscles play an important role to stabilize the three main joints on the shoulder while giving it motion. Based on the shoulder anatomy diagram, we have known that there are three basic major bones at the shoulder and they can create 90 degree angle: clavicle (collarbone), scapula (shoulder blade), and humerus as the largest bone of the arms which simply connect the clavicle and the scapula in the shoulder.

Actually, the motion of the bones will need the existence of cartilage as the pad to the meetings of the bones. Other important parts to support the bones are including the ligaments which connect the bones and the tendons to attach the muscles to the bones. Through the shoulder muscles diagram, it is known that the collection of tendons and muscles in the shoulder is called the rotator cuff to help to stabilize the shoulder. Due to the range of movement of the shoulder, it is possible to get the shoulder into being injured like dislocation, arthritis, tear of rotator cuff, as well as fractured clavicle and fractured scapula.

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