Skeleton Anatomy of Human Body

The skeleton anatomy system includes all the bones and joints in the human body. The skeleton acts as the framework that provides the support and protection for the organs and soft tissues. This system also provides the attachment point for the muscle and joints, it allows the flexible and precise movement of the human body.

Human Skeleton Anatomy

The skeletal system of the body is made up of 206 individual bones in adults. In general, these bones are dropped down into 2 major divisions, the appendicular and axial skeletons. The axial includes all the bones along the body’s axis, and it is made up about 80 bones. These bones include the skull, auditory ossicles, hyoid, sternum, ribs, and vertebral column. The appendicular is made up of 126 bones, including pelvic girdle, upper and lower limbs, and pectoral girdle.

The skeleton anatomy model is commonly used for studying the skeleton anatomy. Since there are so many bones and joints in the human body, the system is very complex. Each bone has a specific name as well as a specific function. Based on the tissue that makes the bones, there are two types of bones, the compact bone and spongy bone. The compact bone typically makes up hard and dense tissues. This kind of bone makes up the outer layer of most of the bones in human body, for example like the arms and legs. Additionally, the nerve and blood vessels live inside these compact bones. The spongy bones are made up of smaller plates and commonly filled with the red bone marrow. This kind of bond is usually found in the end of the long bones or at the center of other bones. The head of femur is one of the examples of this bone.

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