Skull Anatomy: A Quick Study

Unlikely other organs, the skeletal system is rigid and strong, thus it is able to protect the human organ and support the human body to stand and walk, and even run. The skull is part of the skeletal system that is located on the head; the skull anatomy shows the structure of the skull that has a major function to protect the brain, the most important organ on the human body. Other than protecting the brain, skull also supports other soft tissue on the head, such as a special sense of vision, hearing, balance, smell and taste. The skull anatomy diagram is use to organize and simplify the study of the skull structure.

Skull Anatomy: Facial and Cranial Bones

The skull consists of twenty two bones which are divided into cranial and facial bone with the exception of the mandible. The head bone starts developing during the fetus, the bone of the skull makes tough and fibrous membrane on the fetus’s head. As those head bones are developing, the bones start fusing together and creating a skull and the only bone that stays separated is the mandible or jaw bones.

On the skull anatomy the cranial bones refer to the bones that surround the brain, which is known as cranium. In the area, there are 8 cranial bones including the cranial bones, two temporal bones, two parietal bones, occipital bone, frontal bone, ethmoid bone and sphenoid bone. The bones give a solid wall for the brain with only several openings for the blood vessels and the nerves.

The facial bones consist of 14 bones, include mandible, to maxillae, vomer, 2 nasal bones, 2 palatine bones, bones, 2 zygomatic, 2  nasa conchae as well as 2 lacrimal bones. The facial bones support the organs of the face and its muscle. Based on the skull sutures, the mandible (jaw bones) are the only bone on the skull that is movable.

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