What Is Anatomy and Physiology in Medical Field?

Many people are confused about the anatomy and physiology; some of the new medical students even wonder what is anatomy and physiology because those two topics are almost similar in some ways. However, the anatomy and physiology offer very distinct approaches for studying the living organism. Anatomy focuses on the structure of living organism and its components of the biological system of the organism as well as the structure of organs and tissues that make up the biological system or the living organism. On the other hand, the physiology focuses on the function of cells, tissues, organs and how it works together in the human body to create one perfect system. These topics, anatomy and physiology, can be studied simultaneously, however, each since has specialization and different approaches and levels.

FAQ for New Students: What is Anatomy and Physiology?

The easiest way to answer definitions of anatomy & physiology is looking at the anatomy physiology definition, from the definition it can be seen clearly that anatomy and physiology are different on its concern. For doctor or medical personnel, both anatomy and physiology are the important things to be learned and mastered. These two fields are the key to defining the location of the problem source on the human body.

Anatomy can be defined as the natural science that concerns on the structural organization all of living things, in particular human body. It usually studies on the medical school as one course, during the course the student required to attend the laboratory lecture on dissection on various biological systems. On the other hand, physiology is defined as the science that concerns on the principal of the organ system, such as nervous system or musculoskeletal system. Thus, the physiology course usually more concerns on the functions of the cells and organs rather that the structure. By understanding the definition above, the questions such as, “what is anatomy and physiology” should have been answered well.

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