Where Is the Heart Located in Your Body and Its Functions?

Where is the heart located and why must we know about it? To answer that question, please touch your left chest. What do you feel? Yes. It is your heart that is located in the chest cavity. Indeed, there is a special condition when a person has a heart in the right chest. It is a condition of abnormal or dextrocardia. Why? Natural causes are factors outside the heart. As an example is the presence of a large tumor pressing heart so the position of the heart is more inclined to the right. Lung disorders could also make the heart move to the right side of the chest cavity.

Where Is the Heart Located, Parts and Functions?

So, you already know about the heart located and why there is a special condition. The heart has four valves that serve to determine the amount of blood flow. With different functions, they are working to perfect the process in the body. Also, have a heart wall and heart muscles. They serve to protect the heart, as well as to strengthen it. After you know about the heart location, you should know that the heart is separated by a layer of muscle that is split into two parts, namely the upper and lower part. The heart is the cardiovascular system in our body. Cardiovascular is a system transporting a variety of substances from and to cells. The system consists of the heart as well as the channel system consisting of an artery that carries blood from the heart, and veins that supply blood to the heart.

There are many things you must understand about the heart if you want to know more things. What’s more, you can learn about the health system and the way of treatment after knowing about heart location in human body.

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